IMG_7779Beaver Golf is dedicated to bringing a sense of fun to the game of Golf

Most of us including Patrick Beaver ( pictured on the home page) are serverly hindered by a lack of  golfing ability.

Compensate your mates and playing partners for these short comings with a laugh by using Beaver Golf to distract and amuse them.

Maybe some of these guys need to join you? Start a Beaver group or club

We can brand golfing apparel with your logo and ours … you may already have a logo and would like some assistance in putting a package together?

Patrick does it all

He can customize orders to meet all your teams requirments

Patrick Beaver the founder of BEAVER GOLF is one of the great contemorary stylist of our time, believing  that style accompanied by a comical approach to the game of golf is preferrable to the crap most of us experience.

He continues to seek out unique items for fellow Beaver Golfers  to help embrace this ground breaking philosophy.

Let’s face it they are probably already laughing at you..the least you can do is provide an excuse for yourself…yep they are amused bye my attire????

Get your tail into Beaver Golf!


Patrick Beaver